Thursday, May 27, 2010 here is our website for all to see, check it out :D

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Sunday, May 23, 2010


The definate idea for our game runs basically the same as the last post, though we've had some developments on it relating to the purpose of the game, as well as also embelishing on the implementation.

As far as coming up with a game goes, fun is a given but an idea which ties back to a purpose always has more body to it. So, an idea is to make the tails/tags that players use resemble things like an animal's tail or a cattle tag, which would be a good way to make a point about things like fur and leather being used in clothing etc. We were also thinking for a way of presenting final scores for a round, or maybe over-all, we could take photos of players and order them on a large poster using (ideally/awesomely) a polaroid camera.

On the idea of the different tails, I mentioned a kids toy I was imagining which seemed pretty ideal:

Comment any thoughts you have, guys :D

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Pin the tail on the... person walking by


blurrrrrr that magic circle

Game aim: Pin (or peg? non-damaging) a tail onto as many people as you can in a public area.

Number of participants: 1 - lots
Objects required: A tail, a photograph-device.
Location: Everywhere

How do I play this, you ask?: First you are provided with a rather sharp looking (lolpun) tail-and-pin combination. You must then place/attach the tail to someone walking by, and record the success with your photograph-capable mobile telephone device. The player must then retrieve the tail and repeat the process.

Players will tally up their successful-unique-tail-count at the end of a pre-determined time-frame (say 15 minutes). The player with the most successfully attached tails will be crowned supreme winner. In the event of a draw, the pie will be cut in two.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

MacJr's ideas for potential game directions for the future and BRIEFLY BEYOND, but not too far, include such favourites as:

-housing the microphone in something game related for added tangibility
-using pitch to control whether the balloon travels up/down (volume is likely to control speed in this case)
-using Wii-mote for poking and throwing objects in the game, as well as waving (to possibly control wind for added speed?) The Wii-mote would also mean that one person could play using the microphone while a second player controls the Wii-mote AKA multiplayer (co-operative) oppourtunities
-Added level ideas:
-city area (pigeons and remote control planes randomly around etc)
-cave? (bats and rock pillars)
-a sea level, just because we can and it wouldnt make sense
-night level, has some ideas like having night planes which can only be detected by their lights flashing in-frequently, rather than just seeing the obstacles, anyone can do that.
-reversed gravity/controls to test how well the player actually understands the controls and how the game works, should also throw them off and make it more challenging.
-More general ideas were things like having levels habited by large birds, or dragons too i guess, which attack and attempt to pop the balloon by swooping or landing on the balloon (which has an obviously way of displaying health or somthing) and in turn means you sink toward the ground faster, so it's effectively more gravity too (more yelling needed as a result). Other possibilities from this could be using the red death dots against the assailing bird/dragon as a way of knocking them off the balloon.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

team meeting next week?

Hey everyone ,I think we need to arrange a meeting around for our new game/updated version of that yelling game.
Could everyone comment on this entry with your available time for next week?
Also I've downloaded wiimote whiteboard and found out that it requires a wiimote while running it. So if anyone owns one wiimote, is it possible for you to share it with us? Please understand you don't have pressure to do that cuz I mean at least we haven't use our budget yet: P
That's pretty much what I wanna to say, and please comment~~~

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Game photograph image thing


From Floyd:
"* Send me video + photo (a 1024x768 photo with game title, 1 sentence gameplay, URL, team) before Tuesday"

Heres a logo, someone get cracking on putting that photo and video business together.